POSTED ON 06.02.2012
Cameron Appletonís views on 2012

Itís hard to believe we are about to start year 6 of Team AQUA! What fond memories we have had over the last 6 years, with great success and a lot of fun times. Itís truly been a pleasure running this program for Chris and sailing with the guys in our team. Chris is truly an amazing guy and he is one of the great owners our sport has.

Last year, we wrapped up the season championships and were the form team winning three straight events and having huge consistency throughout the year. We are back for round 2 in Puerto Calero where late last year was our worst performance in 2011. So we are very motivated to start off well and tackle the tricky conditions. The early predictions are for strong breezes and we have seen how tough it is here when the wind blows along with the huge shifts, so expect some tough score lines.

Our mission for 2012 is to enjoy our year as we have five events that are sure to give us many challenges. We’re here to consolidate on our result from last year and work towards defending the title! We have a really strong team who do an outstanding job and their desire and drive to succeed on the racetrack is unreal. We want to sail the boat at the high level we are capable of, and aim to achieve great results.
The hard part is the line up on the dock. Sizing up the teams this year is nothing short of impressive. Every team has stepped up every part of their program and the crew lists are stronger and more prepared than ever. We need to make sure we are more prepared than ever. We will be without the man behind this class Russell, who is busy with the Cup and will not be present. it’s always a challenge having him on the racecourse to sail against and he is one of the toughest competitors and you can always learn from his approach and style. As a tactician and competitor, we race many boats in many classes and come up against our opposites all year long, and forms respect. I always try to learn from them and work out their style how they react in different circumstances so you can match / react / attack / give a wave through, knowing you will get one later! Russell has an amazing ability developing his race strategy; he is very crafty and always keeps you guessing what plays he’s going to make. His style always makes you strive to be your best, although he has some predictable traits that we will not miss and he seems to always tack on us… then turn around and laugh!!! Good luck with the Cup we look forward to racing you back in the class.
Our starting line up has changed slightly with Jimmy Maloney taking an office job and we welcome Mark Towill as our new Pitman our 3rd in 3 years!! Chris Noble will now be our sailing team member boat captain, and under the class rules they can race on board. To help him with the boat is Dylan Clarke, along side him will be Neil Payne from the British Keel Boat Academy. As part of year long plan to involve a different person from our selection process to have an opportunity to be with the team.
This year you will see some new branding on our boat, again we will fly our 2041 spinnakers and support the treaty of Antarctica along with being Carbon Balanced. Chris see’s it very important to preserve the world and educate when we can about our resources. We don’t know how valuable they are until they’re gone. Global Post is an online newspaper we will promote and hope to reach more readers out there!!
I’m looking forward to getting on the ground with the team and working up our 2012 program. The class has a unique appeal; the style of racing is unbelievably competitive on the water but yet fun and social ashore. The racing structure with on the on water umpiring really helps to have a great race course with everyone pushing hard but not without knowing the boundaries. The boats are close and it comes down to the team, and the crew have to be sharp and work well together to do well.


Updates to follow!


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